Many people, myself included, ask why there is an apparent bias on the part of medical regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and medical organizations such as the Infectious Diseases Society of America against patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.We expect, as we should, that these organizations exist to protect and preserve public health. In the case of CDC, we expect the Center to prioritize pervasive public health threats and to contain them. In the case of IDSA, we should expect that the association exists to train infectious-disease specialists about existing and emerging diseases so that they can, to the best of their ability, treat patients according to sound medical ethics. That is, to return their patients to health whenever possible, and to do no harm in the process.

Last week, Jenna Luché-Thayer presented findings of an investigation into these organizations to Congressional staff at a Lyme disease briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Luché-Thayer’s expertise includes government transparency, accountability, and the integration of marginalized groups. Luché-Thayer is informed by three decades of professional policy and grassroots experience in 40 countries. She has extensive experience in congressional relations, testimony and legislation. She has worked with governments, the United Nations, nonprofits and the corporate world and has over 65 sponsored publications. Luché-Thayer received the International Woman’s Day Award for Exemplary Dedication and Contributions to Improving the Political and Legal Status of Women (US government) and built the Highest Ranking Technical Area in Accomplishment, Innovation & Comparative Advantage for United Nations Capital Development Fund.

This website cannot vouch for any of the findings discussed by Luché-Thayer below, as the expertise is far beyond the site’s author; however, the information is compelling and warrants further investigation. Luché-Thayer presented these findings to Congress as substantiation for a request made by the Lyme disease community for Congress to investigate the unusual relationship between the federal agency CDC and the private organization IDSA.

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