I’m excited to announce the first episode of my new podcast! I call it the ArtistLike podcast because 1), ArtistLike is my Twitter handle and because 2) while this new podcast will address tickborne diseases and health extensively, I’m giving myself permission to get into a variety of other topics that interest me, from musicians and artists I love to plant medicines, spirituality and other matters.

In my inaugural episode, I simply give an overview–background on who I am, my career to date, and what I am trying to accomplish with my life. I also discuss my health journey, from my Lyme diagnosis at age 19 to my life today, 39 years later, having come back from the brink.

The first several episodes of this podcast will address topics I have covered in my HuffPost blog writing, including “The Lyme Wars,” the primary organizations and individuals involved in this historic debate about personal and public health, the legacy of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on black American men, how Lyme disease is (and is not) covered by the media, and more. I’ve received a lot of requests to make these often-intensive articles available in a spoken format because a lot of people who have Lyme disease have difficulty reading–and so that’s what these episodes are intended to do.

My aspiration for the future as this podcast develops, and as I become more technically savvy about producing these things, is that I’ll be able to have thoughtful, open-minded conversations with all manner of people to advance discussions about Lyme disease, plant medicines, and other topics that are sometimes too stigmatized or polarizing to lend themselves to challenging but respectful investigation.

I hope people will find some value in these conversations. If you listen, I would appreciate any and all feedback, positive, negative and mixed. My intention is to contribute unique perspectives–my own, and others’ in conversation–to public dialogue and for the sake of personal reflection. Let me know how I am doing.

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