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Prominent Neurologist Calls Lyme Disease ‘A Human Rights Concern’

Dr. Frid is a New York-based board-certified neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist who specializes in infection-induced autoimmune disorders. I first met Dr. Frid in Amsterdam last May, where she was speaking at the Lyme disease awareness event Something Inside So Strong. We had a chance to speak about Lyme disease there and then again at a national Lyme disease awareness event […]

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After A Long, Dark Winter

Hi. It’s been a while. A few people have noticed that I haven’t written anything in a while–not since winter, actually. (Yesterday was the first day of spring, and today I am writing this from home on the first snow day of the year. These have been a weird couple of years, nyet?) Well, here’s the long and short of […]

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Lyme Disease Patients File Federal Antitrust Suit Against Infectious Disease Specialists & Health Insurers

28 patients have filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the Infectious Diseases Society of America, eight health insurance companies, and seven medical doctors, Courthouse News reported yesterday, “because health insurers are denying coverage with bogus guidelines established by their paid consultants, who falsely say the disease can always be cured with a month of antibiotics.”