I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, experiences, and especially with scientific and public policy updates related to tickborne illnesses.

One important note: I am not a publicist–either paid or unpaid–and I do not write about “miracle” supplements or devices, and with very few potential exceptions, I don’t write stories of personal struggle or promote online fundraisers for patients. Every individual has her own voice, and I strongly encourage anyone who has been affected by tickborne illness to tell her own story in her own voice. Here’s a handy resource for pitching op-ed stories to major publications. Please do not ask me to interview you, or to pitch and write about your personal experiences or your products or services. Please do not ask me to volunteer my services to write or edit literature for your charitable organization. I have dedicated 20 years of my life to writing and editing professionally, and asking a professional writer to spend her time writing about you or your organization without compensation is no different than asking a professional roofer to replace your roof without compensation. Many people have made such requests, and none of these requests has been fulfilled. I volunteer copious time researching and writing about tickborne illnesses from my own perspective because my life has been impacted significantly by them and as a result I am interested in advancing the debate about tickborne illnesses, improving transparency, and in getting journalists to understand that Lyme disease is an investigative news story and not just a seasonal “check for ticks!” story. This doesn’t mean that my time and talents are available to be exploited–so again, with all due respect, please do not ask me to serve as a personal or professional publcist (I will never do that, without exception.) or to tell your story for you. (I will very rarely do that, with few exceptions–which is to say when and if your story advances the debate or lends new insights into understanding Lyme and other tickborne illnesses.)

You can play a vital role in this effort by telling your own story with your own voice. Please don’t expect me to do that work for you.